In this tutorial, I suppose you know how to draw 3 different pairs of wings under Photoshop or any other software of the same kind. You must start with a complete Doll.


1. Import your doll with 3 pairs of wings on 3 different layers under "ImageReady". Of course, each of them has to be in 3 different position :
- Wild opened.
- In the middle.
- Closed.
You need at least 3 positions to have a beautiful animation. But you can make more.

Open the window named "Layer" (or "calques" here, in French) if it's not already opened.
Be sure that only one of them is visible. Click on the eye to make it appear or disappear.


2. Open the window "Animation" if it is not already open. Click two times on the icon circled in red to add two other images, so that you'll have one for every wings position.

3. Now, choose to make visible one pair of wings, and only one, for each picture. I advise you to choose this order:
- Closed
- Middle
- Wild opened
To do so, Click on the 1st picture on the "Animation" window, and make your first pair of wings appear visible on the "Layers (Calques here)" window by clicking on the eye next to the name of your layer.
Then select the second pictures on "Animation", as it is on this exemple, and select another pair of wings on "Layers" by putting an eye in front of it. Supress all the other eyes that are in front of a layers that have wings drawn on them.
4. Repeat the same operation with the last picture on "Animation".
Select the 3dr picture on "Animation", and put an eye in front of the last pair of wings, supressing all the other eyes.
As you can see it on the example, you have now your doll with the 3 different pairs of wings.

5. Configure the speed of the animation by clicking on the "0 sec" under each picture. Try a first time to select "0,2". It is usually a good speed. Repeat this operation for each Doll. Then see how it looks like by clicking on "play" (red circled icon).
You can try different speed if this one doesn't please you of course.