1. Do NOT take my dolls and claim them as your own, enter them in contests, edited or not. Instead you can adopt them and provide a link (the doll, a banner or textlink) to my site. I would really appreciate it if you put a link back to my site. Refer your links to:
Please CHECK under each doll or at the top of the page if the doll is adoptable or not.

2. Don't use my dolls in a drag 'n' drop dollmaker, as kiss dolls or stuff like that. Do not take any part of my dolls, hairs, accessories, clothes, nor anyhting to put them on your doll. That is called "frankendolling". And I don't allow that at all. MAKE YOUR OWN DOLLS! Be creative!
3. Do not direct link to my dolls. (This means, do not copy the address of my dollz into your own website.)
4. Do not alter, change, colorize, resize or modify any of my dolls. You can always use the basebodies and the examples in the tutorials.

Concerning the base bodies
1. You are allowded to make minor changes such as modifying a hand so that the doll can hold something, change the color of the eye or tone of the skin. But that's ALL. Otherwise, you are not allowded to edit my bases.
2. Do not offer them on your websites, instead put a link to this URL and this URL ALONE : http://crooked.house.free.fr
3. Don't use my bases in a drag 'n' drop dollmaker or such things.
4. You MUST provide a link each time you are using my bases.