1. You have to make a doll representing the incarnation of Death, also called "The Great Reaper". You can invent your own vision of it, make a funny one, a freaky one, a sexy one, a modern one, anything you want (just remember that I won't accept a doll my little 5 years-old niece can't see...).
There are 2 imposed elements :
- A scythe.
- A black coat.

2. No frankendoll, dolls maker and drag'n drop

3. Do not forget to GIVE CREDIT to the creator of the base you use.

4. Maximum numbers of entries by contestant : 2

5. The contest will finish on july the 10th. Then it will be vote on a doll forum.

6. The doll must be in TRANSPARENT GIFF FORMAT only. If you don't know how to save your doll at this format, send me a mail, I will help you.

Send me your creations by e-mail with your name, base credit and URL :

My example