Archangel Mikael from Kaori Yuki. I'm not too happy with the flames effects :-/

Gabriel, From Angel Sanctuary. I tried to copy the costum she exchanged whith Moonlil. But the skirt's color doesn't fit...

Archangel Raphaël, from Angel Sanctuary

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colors: 32 bits
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Created in january the 1st 2004

The title is inspired from a manga from Kaori Yuki : "Earl Cain" (which was first inspired by one of the Mother Goose's tale).


A VERY long time no see... Well, I didn't find time or inspiration for dollz lately. But I'm back !... At least for now.
1. Several new dollz.

1. Nex entry contest online.

1. Awards for the "Famous secret underwear" contest are online.
2. New awards.
3. As I need time for my real life, this site will go slow on updates. But I don't abandon it. Espacially not the ongoing contests.

1. Numerous new awards.
2. The "Famous secret underwear" contest is now voting.

1. Numerous new dolls.
2. Entries for the "Famous secret underwear" contest.

1. Made a new doll.
2. First entries for the "Famous secret underwear" contest.
3. New contest : "Fairy Cube". See the appropriate section for details.

1. Made 3 new dolls